Welcome to Salmon Ministries in Thailand!

Church planting has always been our ultimate goal since the time we arrived in Thailand. The ministries we use here in Thailand are very diversified. This is because people are very diversified and have a multitude of needs to be fulfilled. Knowing we cannot fulfill all the needs of the Thai people is the key issue because we know that Christ alone can. So it is our desire to use and many different approaches as we can to present Christ to as many people as possible in every walk of life.

As God opens doors we try to take advantage of the opportunities that open up to us. In Bangkok we have come to know a lot of business people, teachers, professors, laborers, Dr.'s and even those in law enforcement. Our first and foremost goal is to form relationships so that they can see Christ in our lives and we can introduce to them the freedom that knowing Christ can give in our lives.

We appreciate prayer partners in all areas of ministry. Whether we are ministering to children, athletes, CEO's or ladies groups we know that nothing is accomplished through our own efforts but through the power of the Holy Spirit that works in and through each one of us. 

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Salmon Ministries in Thailand

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