The Salmon Ministries officially started in May of 1981 as we joined our lives, Ricky Salmon and Tammy Maggard to become a family. Our goal from the very beginning was to serve the Lord on a foreign field as full-time, church planting missionaries. We were married at the same church where we both had come to know the Lord and follow Him in Baptism. We served in the bus ministry together as we were getting to know each other. And our lives 30 years later still reflect the decisions we made as young people to give our lives fully to His Service. 

We both attended and graduated the missions program at Baptist Bible College. We fulfilled our internship while on staff at Temple Baptist Church on U.S. 1 in Titusville, Florida. We were officially approved as missionaries in May of 1989. We arrived in Bangkok in April of 1991 along with our 2 sons, Shane and Dusty. They were at that time 3 years old and 10 months old. 

Our lives were full of ups and downs those first few years. We had lots of adjusting to do to the new foods and the very hot weather of Bangkok. Our brains were challenged to the max while trying to acquire a new language. And we were ever amazed while trying to figure out a very new culture and the way that Thai people think and believe. 

Praise the Lord we have now been in Thailand for 20 years and watched God work in the lives of the Thai people. It is exciting to see them now working in the various ministries.

Salmon Ministries in Thailand

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